Georges Kunstler Forest ecologist



  • Arnaud Guyennon (REFORCE, with B. Reineiking))
  • Valentin Journé (FORBIC, with J. Clark and B. Courbaud)
  • Julien Barrere (Biodiversa FUNPOTENTIAL, with T. Cordonnier and B. Reineking)
  • Laura Touzot (ANR DECLIC)

PhD student co-supervision

  • Sylvain Mollier (main supervisor L. Berges with J-L Dupouey) - Historical ecology and biodiversity conservation of ancient forests in protected mountain areas: a multi-taxon approach
  • Lukas Heiland (main supervisor L. Hulsmann Uni. Regensburg) - Climate change and forest regeneration
  • Anne Baranger (cosupervision with Thomas Cordonnier) - Forests vulnerability to climate change using demographic and physiological analyses
  • Natheo Beauchamp (main supervisor Benoit Courbaud) - Adaptation of Europe forest management to climate change and risks to disturbances

Former PhD students

Former Post-Doc associates



New projects

  • ANR DECLIC - Tree DEmographic responses to CLImate stresses and Competition for a trait-based biogeography (PI G. Kunstler INRAE)
  • BIODIVERSA FUNPOTENTIAL - Potential of functional diversity for increasing the disturbance resiliency of forests and forest-based socio-ecological systems (PI M. Peltoniemi LUKE)
  • VULCADYS - Caractériser la vulnérabilité des forêts au changement climatique par analyses démographique et physiologique (PI T. Cordonnier INRAE)
  • RESONATE H2020 - Resilient forest value chains – enhancing resilience through natural and socio-economic responses (PI M. Lindner)

On going projects

Past projects

  • REFORCE (ERA-NET PI B. Reinekeing)
  • DEMOCLIM (Marie Curie OIF PI G. Kunstler with M. Westoby)
  • BACCARA (FP7, PI H. Jactel Inra)
  • MANFRED (Alpine Space, PI M. Hanewinkel)